Digest - Week 2023/52

Pattern & Anti-Pattern Explorer | Salesforce Architects

Create lists of patterns or anti-patterns ㅤ

Movies App

Movies is a non-trivial learning application in Next.js, Angular, Nuxt.js, Svelte, Lit and other frameworks. Built to show developers how they can deliver reasonably good experience while maintaining good developer experience. ㅤ

Salesforce’s Git Migration: How We Boosted Developer Productivity

Explore how Salesforce enhanced the efficiency of its internal developers by migrating to a modern SCM powerhouse: Git. ㅤ

Technical Documentation for startups - an opinionated guide | The Hard Thing

Startups very often neglect the need to have proper technical documentation. In this post, I will try to explain why it is important and how to do it right without investing too much. ㅤ

Announcing Open Source Hasura GraphQL Engine v3

Learn about open source Hasura GraphQL Engine v3, like the core graphql-engine written in Rust, that redefines building the best cloud-native APIs.