Digest - Week 2023/50

TanStack Router – modern React for the rest of us | Swizec Teller

TanStack Router puts the router in control of data, state, and UI and it's ... really good. ㅤ


Get your personalized video of your GitHub activity in 2023. ㅤ

How to set up self-healing URLs in Next.js for better SEO

Set up self-healing URLs with the App Router in Next.js for better SEO, accessibility, and usability ㅤ

You don't need JavaScript for that - HTMHell

A collection of bad practices in HTML, copied from real websites. ㅤ

Announcing React Hydration Overlay - Easily Squash Hydration Errors

@builder.io/react-hydration-overlay is an npm package that provides you with a more useful error message when React SSR hydration mismatch occurs. ㅤ

Supabase Auth: Identity Linking, Hooks, and HaveIBeenPwned integration

Four major Auth features: Identity Linking, Session Control, Leaked Password Protection, and Hooks ㅤ

PostgREST 12

PostgREST 12 is out and we take a look at some of the major new features like JWT Caching and Aggregate Functions ㅤ

Polymorphism in React: 2 patterns you must know

Whether you're making a library or making React components for your own sake, there's one technique you must know: polymorphism. It's when one thing can be multiple shapes, as when a button can act as a link. Used correct, it can save you from maintaining many variants, and at the same time give your users the flexibility they need.