Digest - Week 2023/42

React Server Components

An outline of React Server Components, what they are, why they're here, and how to use them conceptually. ㅤ

Storing React state in the URL with Next.js | François Best

A peek under the hood of the next-usequerystate 1.8.x update with support for the app router. ㅤ

The Uphill Battle of Memoization | TkDodo's blog

Exploring why React.memo shouldn't be your first choice for performance optimizations ㅤ

Apple Settings UI with Expo

Adding custom UI to the Apple Settings app ㅤ

Becoming a Successful Engineering Manager | by Joseph Morcos | Agile Insider | Oct, 2023 | Medium

Engineering Managers (EMs) play a pivotal role in software organizations. Whether you are aspiring to become an EM or have recently taken on this role, you might find yourself uncertain about the… ㅤ

Google Cloud mitigated largest DDoS attack, peaking above 398 million rps | Google Cloud Blog

Google Cloud stopped the largest known DDoS attack to date, which exploited HTTP/2 stream multiplexing using the new “Rapid Reset” technique.